Friday, August 9, 2013

Morality....Virginity....Why all the Tags for Girls...???

Is virginity a test for girls only..... i am listening this thing from the time of ramayana where sita ws asked to give the agnipariksha..i ask everyone why it is the girl who is questioned everytym..what if the guy is nt virgin too bt he wants a gal who is totally pure.. what kind off sick mentality is that..on one hand we talk of equality n on the other we make the rules for girls only..if a girl is called a 'slut' if shes nt virgin then what we should call a guy if he is the  same..? 
grow up guys.. pls b sensible enough.. dont get modernised frm d way you dress or speak..b modern frm ur thoughts n your mentality.......
May be it's time for the girls to ask boys if he's pure enough to stand her side for the lifetime.

Why can't a girl ask for the same, when the other one wants to ask, it might solve a bit of the issue.
I've got friends, who've got 3-4 girlfriends and vice-versa? why, well the solution lies in the answer if you can provide one, you can go on to blame the westernism, sexism, pornism and ever xism for your point to prove what the issue might be, but what the hell solution can be. 
The solution lies in somewhat not about our glorified past culture (well, what I see today, the past was beautiful, peoples were human) but what are we actually doing it today with ourselves? bhedchaal, education (that somewhat I feel is not worth enough for a average guy to even get a good salaried job for what he/she is capable of), , internet, restrictions, blind eyes, live for myself, too much of religionism maybe?
Bang on!!!  Welcome to the progressive India where we claim to be modern people but still make Virginity a base to check a girl’s morals or her capability to become a good wife.  Today when we claim that women have an equal status in the society with that of men, we still are under the orthodox views of using a white bed sheet on the first night of marriage just to check the bride’s virginity!!! The guy may himself have slept with number of girls but he wants a “pure”, “untouched” girl as a wife. Why? Answer-just to satisfy his male ego that the girl he is going to spend his life with has been and will be only his “possession”.
Just for the info, male, have been in love, but still a virgin !! 

And I am forced to wonder that what would happen to those rape victims? Who would marry those girls? Moreover being from a sports background, I have always been told by those orthodox distant relatives to Quit it, why? because playing may result in breakage of the “moral wall”!! 
If today a girl loses her virginity with a guy she loves truly but the guy turns out to be a cheat then she is tagged as a “slut”, “characterless girl” ; MIND YOU these being the most decent words I can pen down ,else there are a million more worse words in our mother tongue vocabulary. I ask what is the mistake of the girl?  She loved a guy? She slept with someone she thought she would marry? Or, she now has lost her purity which would satisfy her to-be husband’s male ego and make him believe that she is fit to be his wife! And again no answers I could get!!!!! 
Yes, I am also a girl, an Indian girl, who values her morals, for whom her “izzat” is priceless, who has always dreamt of her “raajkumar” coming on a white horse to marry her,  and who has always planned her wedding dress! But I am also a girl who belongs to the globalisedworld, interacts with the opposite sex, loves, has break ups, overcomes them and smiles again and no one has a right to tag me any thingfor that reason! I just request you that next time you go looking for a girl for marriage, search for a true heart and not something like “pure ghee”, because she ‘s gonna be your life partner and not your meal to satisfy your hunger of ego...........

Being a Women is Crime?

Being a woman can be tough, but being a Woman in India can be tougher. I kept on asking9 myself while writing this why in a country which is full of rich culture and a history to be proud of treats woman in such a disgraceful way. The plight of women here is such a trending topic worldwide that three foreign governments had even issued travel advisories warning their citizens to be cautious while touring India especially after the infamous Delhi rape case and the rape of a Swiss woman who had accompanied her male friend. These incidents are few in a long list of crimes against women here and these have undoubtedly dented image of INCREDIBLE INDIA.
Who can forget the horrifying and brutal gang-rape on 23-year-old medical student last December on a bus in the Indian capital Delhi, now also known to be the rape Capital? Who can explain to a father who was dreaming about a better future for his family why this happened to his daughter? Can anyone explain the ordeal of a sister to her brothers who had always promised to protect their sister? I just pray to God that no one has to go through this ever in their Life. Only justice can bring peace to her family who are still awaiting the verdict. The case is still going on in a fast track court and guess what it has been 6 months since that incident.
So who is to be blamed? Few smart people blame the victims of rape cases, the dressing sense and stating girls are asking for it. Strange isn’t it? So can any of those making such statement answer how a 5-year-old can ask for rape? Or how can her clothes tempt a man to cross his boundary and become Monster. Few of them also said girls should stop going out late. Alright so can they tell what about the rape cases where the girl is sexually abused by her own relative at her own house which is termed to be the safest? You would be shocked to know most of the rape cases reported involved a family member or a known person. So from whom should we save Ourselves? A distant relative, School bus driver, the neighbor’s son or your own Uncle?
Trust me rape is not the only issue that women are fighting with in India. I still can’t forget the 15-year-old girl from Bihar who was attacked with acid or the girl from Assam who was molested, stripped of her clothes and also filmed while she begged the crowd to help her but no one came to her Rescue. What was her fault? Just that she was out with her friends?
We are a Nation where goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati to name a few are worshipped but on the other hand knowing your wife is about to deliver a baby girl, you ask her to abort the baby just because She is a girl? I have been to many orphanages that talks about how they have saved girls abandoned and thrown in dustbins and other places when they were just few days old. The smiles on those little girls face can do wonders and you would just like to ask why it is still a curse to be born a girl in India? Even they have dreams, the spark to rise and face the challenges and come out with flying colours. They are not less than anyone not even your “ Ghar ka Chiraag ”
The Delhi rape case got the public support and many people were on streets asking to end crimes against women but what about those cases which goes unheard? The government fearing more public outrage made new laws about the safety of women but even today I can’t see the number of crimes against Women coming down.
I just want to ask my countrymen why a Woman today is burnt in the name of Dowry? Why is she not safe? Why she has to go through so much in her life? There are so many why and so many tears right now and I just want you to answer these questions. She is a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter, a Wife so many roles she plays and that also perfectly but never ask anything in return. Can’t you as a human just treat her with respect she deserves?
Be a real Man, take a pledge to make this world a better place for women and to all the women don’t let others do injustice to you. Fight for yourself. Raise your voice against all the crimes and injustice.
Remember “Durga bhi tu, Kaali bhi tu”
I end this article with a Hope that few of you will actually try to change the way you look at Women and with a dream in my eyes that India will be a better place for all of us. I wish few years down the line everyone would be able to say “India is the best place for Women in this entire world”