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Kacheri of Maharaj Suraj Mal, Hodal

Kishori Devi was the daughter of one Chaudhary Kashi Ram Sorot. Legend has is that one day Maharaja Suraj Mal was passing Hodal on his stately elephant when he noticed an unusual incident. An agitated bull was frightening everyone and roaming angrily when Kishori Devi, along with her friends, was returning from a well with pitchers on her head. She put her toe on the loose bridle and restrained the bull. Kishori was a brave, stout and beautiful young maiden. Suraj Mal was greatly impressed and after some time sent his purohit with the marriage proposal. Her father is said to have agreed to the relationship but wished that his status be at par with that of the reputed Raja. Upon hearing this, Maharaja Suraj Mal granted him the title of Chaudhary with the authority to collect revenue from the parganah of Hodal. The marriage was solemnized sometime around 1730.
According to the poet Sudan, Maharaja Suraj Mal married Maharani Kishori on 21 March 1750 (falgun sudi pandrah). Chaudhary Kashi Ram Sorot had two more sons in addition to Kishori who were Buj Lal and Guman Singh. Maharaja Suraj Mal appointed Kashi Ram as manager of village Tawdu (Parganah Nooh) and this way through the marriage with Maharani Kishori he strengthened his position in Mewat.

Maharani Kishori had played an important role in running the administration of Bharatpur State. Maharaja Suraj Mal always consulted her on the important matters of the state. She played the role of patron to the Bharatpur State for three generations even after death of Maharaja Suraj Mal.
Maharaja Suraj Mal liked Maharani Kishori the most. He constructed Maharani Kishori Mahal within the Lohagarh Fort. He also constructed Maharani Kishori temple at Brindavan and Maharani Kishori Khas Mahal at Goverdahan and also constructed replica of kecheri and mahal as in bhartpur, at hodal also.

Kacheri of Maharaj Suraj Mal.
According to aged people Maharaja Suraj Mal listen the problems of people & solve them. Now this kacheri is in very devastated state, such  prestigious place of immense importance is in very bad state, after complaining numerous of times ASI, few officials came for formality, even tried to capture the attention of media towards this..but of no use.

I sincerely request you all to take some strong steps to save this prestigious monument.

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