Sunday, May 10, 2015

#‎Mom‬ a title just above ‪#‎Queen‬ #HappyMothersDay

#‎Mom‬ a title just above ‪#‎Queen‬
I get all all the luxuries in your lap
Dear Mamma ‪#‎HappyMothersDay‬ & happy every day- every day has more meaning with you by my side - for your opinionated opinions, sense of adventure & fun, knowledge about just about anything & everything, fights & making up, brainstorming sessions, jaunts & holidays, courage & arguments and movies that u don't like, you're a fabulous beautiful feisty barrel of fun- thanx for being my #mom #happymothersday
A very #HappyMothersDay to my ‪#‎FirstFriend‬ and all the mothers out there.

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