Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can a Girl Rebel ??

I am born. I hear cries of “it’s a girl, it’s a girl! Everyone is happy (I think…). I meet my mother. She looks at me with doleful eyes. Why the mixed emotions? Other people come to me and perform traditional and religious ceremonies. I am loaded with flowers, new clothes, gifts and shagun (money).
I am 3 years old. I wear frocks and play with Barbie. I dress her up, she is pretty. I want to be like her when I grow up. Papa says: I am like a doll.
I am 5 now. I go to school. Convent school. We learn, pray and learn. I want to play outside. But, it’s dark now, says Mamma. I play with Dhruv. He is my best friend. Papa tells me to call him “Bhaiyya”. But he is not my brother. I wonder…
Can a girl in India rebelI enter my teens. The school uniform changes. We wear shalwar kameez now. But we did wear skirts before. Why the sudden change. It’s so hot. I wonder…
Today we learned something new at school. Periods. Mamma says: be careful, and don’t talk about it in front of Papa. I also have to wear a bra now. I don’t like it, it hurts me, it’s too tight.
Mamma says I am a big girl now. But they don’t let me go out on my own. I should sit with closed legs and behave properly. I also help in the kitchen now. I can make tea, Maggi and chappatis. Mamma took me to a beauty parlour. I didn’t like it, it was so painful. Why do I need this? Don’t I look okay already?
School trip going to Shimla. I want to go. Papa says no.
I score 85% in 10th boards. Papa is so proud and Mamma is crying with happiness. They tell everyone neighbours, relatives and friends. I get new clothes.
I want to study Political Science. Papa says, take Home Science, it’s best for you.
I go to College. Girl’s College. Again. Boys are bad. Obviously.
I study English Literature. I learn a lot of different things. Mamma doesn’t like some of them. She says it spoils the mind of an innocent, sweet girl like me.
College trip going out again. I plead. This time Mamma supports me. But Papa says, it’s dangerous for young girls to go out alone. I keep quiet.
I graduate with flying colours. Gold medal from the university. Mamma and Papa are very happy. I want to look for a job. I want to write. I want to study further. Abroad. No.
Papa asks what are your future plans? Marriage: Love  or arranged? No option.
Advertisement in matrimonial:
A fair, homely, convent-educated, bright girl looks for a teetotaler boy from decent family with a handsome package.
But I don’t want to, do I? I wonder … Mamma said I will start a new life, I should be obedient and dutiful.
Study further: Yes  or No.
Job: Yes  or No.
Marriage: Yes or No.
I try to rebel. TRY. REBEL.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Special is the someone's love for you.

Sleeping with Your partner doesn't always means You are crossing Your limits.Sometimes its simply means cuddling with Your partner under one blanket.
Sometimes it means, keeping head on his Shoulders.
Sometimes it means, just sharing a Bed.Or just simply sharing A warm Feeling..!!!!!

You want to know what Real Love is..?
It's waking up in the middle of night, for no reason,Shifting under the blanket and feeling the heat of person next to You. You turn around to see them in their most peaceful, innocent and vulnerable state.
You kiss their face in most gentle manner, so as not to wake them.
You turn back and there is a Sweet priceless smile on Your Face.
You feel an arm wrapping around Your waist, and you know it doesn't get any better than this.
You can't make your Relationship strengthen with spending more time in Bed, You can't make Your Girl happy, by making 
her satisfied. You can't make Yourself proud, By Fucking Your Girl .
You have to keep that promises, which You've given.
You have to say those magical words, and prove it Every day - Every night. Treating Your Girl right is much more important than kissing her hardly - pushing to wall.

Understanding her secret wishes is much more important, Joining her pieces of broken heart is much more important than breaking her virginity. Leaving her with beautiful memories, is much better than Leaving her in bed. Long, Deep, Hard kisses doesn't make a Way for any relationship, But Few roses, Magical Words, and True promises makes a Beautiful Relationship. - Without an doubt. Spending all long nights in Bed won't let you come closer to Your partner, Spending few Beautiful Moments - Holding her hands, Making her smile. Matters a lot.Because when You Love Truly, its called'Making Love', and not SEX. 

True beauty of every Girl lies in the Way she care For You,
What she Feels for You.. The way she is ready to sacrifice her
everything for Your Love. The passion she shows for You.You cant take her for granted, Just because of the Simple reason, - She Loves You.................. It's really easy to find some one who can give You a pleasure on Bed like no other. But it's really difficult finding that some one 
who truly Loves you Like no other.. !!!!!!

Pass to every guy u know..........n to every girl to make her feel how special she is...........